Subtitling service for corporate videos and e-learning systems

Audiovisual (multimedia) translation needs professional translators who offer quality work.

In today’s dynamic business world, corporate video and distance learning are critical tools for engineering companies looking to stand out and expand their global reach. Our specialized subtitling service offers a comprehensive solution to optimize the accessibility and impact of your audiovisual content, both in the corporate environment and in distance education.

Corporate videos are a powerful tool to present the vision, projects and achievements of an engineering company. However, to reach international audiences and people with hearing disabilities, the inclusion of subtitles becomes an essential requirement. Our team of subtitling experts will ensure that every word spoken in your videos is accurately reflected and in harmony with the narrative, allowing an enriching experience for all viewers.

Our approach

Scope, economy, technology, commitment

The main objective of subtitling is to convey a message from the speaker of a video to the receiver in written form and in his or her language.
The distance

In the field of distance learning, subtitling plays a significant role in facilitating the understanding of educational content in different languages and cultures. Our subtitling service enhances the learning experience, allowing students from all over the world to access training materials and technical engineering courses without language barriers.

Experience and expertise

By combining our technical translation expertise and engineering know-how, we offer an accurate and consistent subtitling service that optimizes the effectiveness of your corporate videos and e-learning systems. Let your engineering company stand out globally by providing inclusive communication and accessible education through our captioning services.


Audiovisual translation is distinguished from other specialties because the texts generated must form a compact whole with the image they complement. The registers, the humor with its puns and stereotypes and the references to the culture of origin among other aspects such as time and synchrony in the subtitles are fundamental. Therefore, a deep specialization in this field is required to offer a good job.

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