EASA Annual Safety Meeting.

On 27 and 28 September, the EASA Annual Safety Meeting was held in Seville as part of the events sponsored by the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2023 and with the invaluable participation and cooperation of AESA, the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency.

Being lucky enough to live in Seville, I could not miss this meeting where some of my clients were present and where I hoped to make contacts that would lead me to get more work in this industry. I was fortunate enough to put a face to some customers and make new contacts. Double objective achieved.

Personal review of EASA Annual Safety Meeting

A few days after the end of the conference I would like to make a brief review of it, but I am sure that both AESA and EASA themselves, as well as the many attendees from companies in the industry, will have given their opinions, much more decisive and profound than mine, so I will refrain from reflecting on the future of the sector.

However, given that at Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis we are devoted to linguistic and translation services for the aviation sector, I would like to focus my review on these aspects.

The main thrust of the conference focused on several aspects of EASA’s objectives and tasks:

  • Safety: in new urban mobility transport systems, in the handling, transport and storage of new aviation fuels (H2, SAF) and other propulsion systems.
  • Sustainability: incorporation of alternative fuels, new energy sources and their application for a more sustainable aviation.
  • Innovation: research and development of new fuels, engines, as well as the presence of AI in all phases and stages of air transport.

The importance of training

Although they may seem to be three independent lines, they are closely related to each other and, from our point of view, they all have a point in common that is rarely taken into account: the training of personnel (from the executive to the ramp technician) in these issues of safety, sustainability and innovation. At Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis we are convinced that continuous training, as well as research and development in this industry can become much more important if care is taken in how this knowledge is disseminated among the participants: English is an exceptional medium for disseminating knowledge among certain sectors involved in these advances and knowledge, but providing information in the mother tongue of the technicians shortens the internalisation and assimilation times of concepts, subjects, guidelines and operations by a great deal.

This is something that we wanted to make clear during the presentation of the different panels and which was well received by delegations who, although we all communicate in English, recognise that, at certain technical levels, it is advisable to provide information in the mother tongue of the person receiving it in the form of training, communication, reports, etc.


The issue of safety is not a trivial one, as evidenced by the fact that most of the attendees thought that the integration of new energy sources for aviation such as H2 is difficult to implement due to safety issues and the doubts generated among users. Without accurate, verified and readily available information in the mother tongue of stakeholders, these doubts will continue to grow and prevent innovation and sustainability from penetrating the aviation sector at the pace that, perhaps, they are already doing in other sectors.

The immediate future

At Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis we know that both EASA and many companies in the industry are firmly committed to leaving behind “monolingualism” and that this move towards multilingualism is a commitment to the future that benefits all stakeholders: companies, government agencies, universities and the general public. Our mission is to help these participants stay informed through technically perfect translations that are geared to the right target audience.

In 2024 Denmark will take over the EU presidency and it will be there that this annual conference will be held – good luck, the bar in Seville has been set very high!

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