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What is Technical Translation?

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Technical Engineering Translations

At Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis we devote ourselves body and soul to offering an exquisite service in technical engineering translations, carried out by experts and aimed at experts.


Our main target group are companies operating in international markets or planning to expand. For these companies we guarantee success with our technical translations.


We are professionals with more than 25 years of experience carrying out highly specialised technical work. Time that has provided us with background enough to evolve in line with the industry


As experts in the field, with knowledge of the industries and technological and business environments, we are perfectly qualified to collaborate directly with the client, adapting to their own particular needs, without the need for intermediaries. A reformulation that offers a relationship destined for success


Technical Documentation

Translation of user manuals, workshop manuals, drawings, technical specifications, service bulletins, maintenance tasks, quality documentation, technical specifications, technical studies, invitations to tender, etc.

e-Learning material

Interactive courses, presentations, quizzes, audiovisual material, etc.


Translation of technical, commercial, informative websites, company blogs and multimedia content

Software Localisation

Translation (Localisation) of engineering software, apps (including online help systems, troubleshooting databases and required documentation)


Patents translation in the technical and biomedical industries.

Scientific papers

Translation of scientific articles for publication in international journals. Translation of abstracts, dissertations, theses, etc. Translation of extracts from research papers

The work aeras in which we specialise are:
  • Technical translation, of course, in the different fields and specialities that we will see below.
  • Sworn translations of contracts, tenders, financial documents, etc.
  • Subtitling of corporate or training videos.
  • Translation of e-Learning materials.
  • Bilingual DTP in different programmes.
  • Image processing and translation.
  • Translation and document management of plans and technical drawings.
  • Proofreading of texts written by non-native speakers.
  • Translation of websites or blogs.
  • Proofreading.
  • Software localisation (translation).
  • Localised software testing.
  • Web copywriting for multilingual blogs or static content.
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Catálogo de Servicios de Traducción técnica de Defensa y Seguridad nacional
Defence and Security Translation Services Catalogue
Catálogo de Servicios de Traducción técnica de Energía y Medioambiente
Energy and Environment Technical Translation Services Catalogue
Catálogo de Servicios de Traducción técnica de Aeronáutica y Aeroespacial
Aeronautics and Aerospace Technical Translation Services Catalogue
Catálogo de Servicios de Traducción técnica de Ingeniería y afines
Engineering and related technical translation services catalogue
Catálogo de Servicios de Traducción técnica de Máquina-Herramienta y Mecanizado
Machine Tool and Machining Technical Translation Services Catalogue
Traducción técnica de medicina y biotecnología
Medical and Biotechnological Technical Translation Services Catalogue

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Aeronautical equipment, avionics, weapons systems, weather radar, software, military-use technology, aeronautical patents, STE ASD-100, etc


Renewable energy, environment, energy technology, environmental studies, tenders, patents, etc

Machine - Tool

Machinery, industrial equipment, machine tools, additive manufacturing, machining, pneumatics, industrial applications, industrial safety, patents, etc


Surveillance equipment, access management systems, CCTV, weapons systems, cyber security, software, military-grade technology, etc

Medicine and health

Medical devices manuals, marketing and normative documentation, medical device software; clinical trials

Automotive industry

Scientific content for automotive industry technology, workshop manuals, user's guides, marketing material, spec sheet for automotive components


HWS Towers

Hemos colaborado con Traducciones Técnicas AERÓPOLIS en traducciones técnicas del sector eólico, a idiomas INGLÉS y JAPONÉS, y la experiencia ha sido plenamente satisfactoria, en todos los aspectos.

Mariano Abadía
Presidente y CEO / HWS Towers


Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis ha venido colaborando con nosotros en la traducción de documentación técnica y su maquetación en formato bilingüe, siempre cumpliendo plazos y colaborando con nuestros técnicos.

Gracia Ramos
Directora Recursos Corporativos / Aerotecnic
Máquina Herramienta


Colaboraron en la traducción de nuestra web, destacar su profesionalidad y atención. Muy contento con el trato y el servicio recibido.

Miguel Ángel Andrades Díaz
Director Comercial / Mecaprec

Andalucía Aerospace

Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis ha colaborado con nosotros a la hora de traducir los perfiles técnicos de nuestras empresas asociadas, siempre en plazo y respetando las instrucciones facilitadas.

Leticia Chaichio Macías
Finance & Administration Manager / Andalucía Aerospace
Traducción aeronáutica

Alestis Aerospace

La colaboración con Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis se inicia hace unos años con las traducciones al inglés de diverso material técnico. Es de agradecer la disponibilidad y flexibilidad mostrada para prestar los diferentes servicios que nos ofrecen.

Álvaro Ojeda Mazuelo
General Procurement Commodity / Alestis Aerospace

Curtis Wright

En la traducción al inglés de parte de nuestra documentación de calidad contamos con los servicios de Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis, con quienes trabajamos conjuntamente para producir textos de la calidad necesaria en este sector tan exigente.

Alejandro Muñoz
Business Unit Manager / Curtis Wright


Para la traducción de nuestro catálogo técnico contamos con la colaboración de Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis. La colaboración resultó ser fluida y el resultado perfectamente adaptado a nuestras necesidades.

Aritz Lasa
Sales manager / Innocut S.L.


Latesys ha encargado con éxito a Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis varios tipos de tareas: traducción técnica de documentación y planos técnicos, así como la gestión documental de estos últimos. Siempre se han cumplido los plazos y la comunicación ha demostrado ser un elemento clave en la buena marcha de los proyectos.

Marcial P. Serrano
Responsable de Compras / Latesys

Marena S.L.

Nuestro catálogo de productos para el mecanizado fue traducido por Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis en estrecha colaboración con nuestro personal, lo que demostró ser un factor clave para el éxito de la tarea.

Alejandro Gracia
Sales Director / Marena S.L.


En 2020 llevamos a cabo la traducción de una importante cantidad de documentación técnica y tras contar con Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis todo quedó terminado en plazo y con los estándares de calidad que se necesitaban. Máxima profesionalidad y rigor.

María Sanz González
General Manager Assistant / Gestair
We are proud to work with some of the leading companies in their sector, examples of resilience and know-how that value the collaboration of Traducciones Técnicas Aerópolis in the workflow t create their technical, legal and marketing documentation.

    What is Technical Translation?

    If you have come this far, you are looking for a professional technical translation that is clearly differentiated in its final presentation from the different types that exist (legal, financial, sworn, commercial, informative, tourist, gastronomic, academic, literary…)

    You certainly know that technical translations belong to a specialized field of transcription and typesetting of different languages focusing on technical, scientific or specialized texts and documents. It involves the transfer of highly specific information, often related to complex products, technologies and processes, from a source language to a target language. It is written content that usually contains very specific terminology, technical jargon, acronyms and highly specialized concepts related to areas such as engineering, computing, medicine, science, industry, automotive, aeronautics, machine-tools, security and defence… among others.

    Technical translation requires a thorough knowledge of the technical concepts you will be working on, as well as the ability to convey specialized information accurately and clearly in another language.

    Technical translators should also consider the context and adapt the text so that it is understandable and consistent in the target language. This involves making decisions on how best to convey technical information without losing precision, cohesion and accuracy.

    Types of documents translated by an expert in technical translations

    Documents that can be translated in the technical field include users’ manuals, technical specifications, patents, research reports, data sheets, training documents, promotional material, product, parts and accessories catalogues, standards, installation, assembly, repair and maintenance manuals, quality reports, informative material … among others.

    It is common for technical translators to work in collaboration with experts in the relevant field to ensure that the translation is accurate and meets the required technical standards.

    To sum up, technical translation is the process of translating specialized and technical texts, which requires both linguistic skills and specialized knowledge in the relevant field.

    On the other hand, it is important to know which fields technical translation specialists usually work in. Our team has specialised in the areas of aeronautics, renewable energies, machine-tools, security and defence, medical devices and automotive industry. However, if the client so requests, we are also fully capable of acting in the most varied industrial fields: chemistry, construction, IT, architecture, telecommunications… if your sector is not among those mentioned, please contact us without obligation and we will offer you a response, advice and, if required, a tailor-made quote.

    What is technical language

    From a linguistic point of view, technical language refers to a set of specific linguistic terms, expressions and conventions used in a particular technical field or discipline. This type of language is characterised by its precision, conciseness and specialisation, and is designed to communicate technical and scientific information clearly and efficiently between experts in a given field.

    Technical language uses specialized terminology that may not be common or easily understood by people outside the field. These terms will be coined specifically to describe concepts, processes or products unique to a particular discipline. In addition, technical language will make use of particular grammatical structures and stylistic conventions to facilitate accurate communication and avoid ambiguity.

    One of the distinguishing features of technical language is its high specificity. Technical terms are carefully chosen to convey accurate and detailed information within a specialized domain. This implies that speakers in a technical field must have a thorough knowledge of the terminology and linguistic conventions of their field in order to understand and use technical language correctly.

    Technical language may also include diagrams, graphs, formulas and other visual elements to complement verbal communication. These visual elements will be essential to represent complex concepts and provide a graphical representation of technical information.

    In short, technical language is a specialized linguistic system used in technical fields and disciplines to communicate precise and detailed information. It is characterized by its specific terminology, its conciseness and its focus on efficient communication between experts in the field. Technical language is a key tool for the transmission of knowledge and collaboration in specialized areas.

    Specialized Technical Translation

    In any case, the end result of the translation should not be a rambling translation, but a clear and understandable discourse, always faithful and precise, that does not give rise to any kind of error, doubt or ambiguity, oriented towards the receivers of the text so that they understand the process that is being described or recounted.

    Technical writing should therefore make frequent use of technical terms and specialized language, always trying to eliminate any inaccuracies. It will also be possible to resort to the use of neologisms, always with terminological coherence and quality in the texts, maintaining a balance between argumentation and description.

    Finally, full objectivity and descriptive skills in the application of methods and the correct use of tools must be kept in all writing.

    In short, the work of a technical translator must not contain the slightest error, his or her results must be precise, accurate and guarantee maximum fidelity to the original.

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